Nexus OG

Nexus OG


Nexus OG is an Indica strain that competed in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.

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About Nexus OG
Best known for its participation in the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup, Nexus OG is a bit of a mystery. Unknown breeders have developed this strain from unspecified parents, leaving it anyone’s guess who we have to thank for this gift. An indica-dominant hybrid that brings strong effects to the table, you’ll want to stock up on some snacks before you partake.

Nexus OG comes in with a moderate amount of THC, giving both new and experienced users something to look forward to with an average of 18%. Nugs are small and fluffy yet offer a fierce look with bright orange hairs and thick white trichomes. Sweet and spicy earth overtake your palate as you inhale, with some hints of berries thrown into the mix for balance.

Your high will begin with a sensation that’s uplifting and relaxed as a body buzz accompanies a strong level of clear introspection. It might be a stretch to say that you feel energized, but you’ll certainly be feeling good! This part of your experience is rather short-lived, as the indica effects kick in with waves of relaxation that travel from head to toe. All cares will be washed away and the only thing on your agenda will be how you can get your hands on the closest meal.

When stress and depression are a daily battle, sometimes it’s not enough to just feel artificially happy. Nexus OG understands, and instead simply calms your mind and ends the loop of worrisome and negative thoughts. Physical pain can also be eased by a few hits, but more notable is the relief you’ll find from nausea and a lack of appetite. Try a bit of this strain before bedtime and see how much more refreshed you feel in the morning.

Many note that growing Nexus OG at home is a moderately difficult activity, but that’s always subject to one’s own experience level. An average flowering time of roughly 10 weeks is required here, and cultivators can choose between indoor or outdoor growth. Like with many other strains that come from unknown breeders, we’d guess that actually getting your hands on this clone-only strain is a challenge that might just be too great.

When you do happen to find nugs of Nexus OG at your local dispensary, buy as much as you can and safeguard some away for later. It’s a strain that may not find a use in your life every single day, but for the times you want to unplug from the world and relax your day away, you’ll be glad you have it. While it’s nice to share with friends, the effects of this bud tend to lean toward more solitary activities, so as long as you have enough food in the house you’ll be in for a nice time.

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