Green Crack feminized seeds.


Green Crack feminized seeds.

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Green Crack is a descendant and a cross between the genetics of the Afghani clone and the 1989 SSSC Skunk # 1 developed by the Super Sativa Seed Club. An absolutely unique strain that enjoys worldwide popularity. Are you curious why? Then read on, view the reviews and buy our Green Crack feminized seeds.

The Green Crack strain

Getting started with the feminized Green Crack seeds is easy. That said, it makes sense that this species is very popular among both the novice and the advanced grower. The plant requires hardly any attention and moreover has a fairly high fungal resistance.

The female plant develops a sturdy trunk in the shape of a Christmas tree with light green long thin leaves that can turn purple and blue during cooler temperatures. Moreover, the plant produces many large and also heavy buds that are richly covered with THC resin. A beautiful spectacle and an absolute feast for the eyes.

However, keep in mind that Green Crack seeds develop plants with a strong stature. This is especially evident during the vegetative phase and a point of attention when spaces are limited. Therefore many growers apply pruning techniques to keep the plant height under control and to create room for the flowering of the buds.

The Green Crack strain does well in warm, dry (Mediterranean) climates. The ideal harvest time is around the end of September when 75-80% of the pistils changed their color from white to brown / orange.

Flowering time

The Green Crack plant has become popular because of its fast cycle in combination with its large harvest. With an indoor cultivation harvesting is possible after a flowering period of just 8 weeks. Green crack has a strong odor during the flowering process. It’s therefore advisable to take measures.


If the vegative phase is slightly extended, this plant can yield a maximum of 450 – 550 grams per m2 for indoor cultivation, but especially outdoor the yield can be amazing. In ideal circumstances a single plant can produce 1000 – 3000 grams of weed which is very extreme.

Green Crack its taste, smell and effect

Both the taste and the smell of the weed are described as intense and fruity, with pineapples, citrus and mango tones in particular prevailing. A wonderful weed for the true skunk enthusiast.

With its THC content of 18%, Green Crack weed is a very suitable weed for a party or during the day. The effect of Green Crack weed can be described as long-term and can best be described as cerebral, creative, stimulating but also euphoric. Exactly what you can expect from a Sativa dominant strain.

Note: with a high dosage, the effect may be accompanied by psychedelic sensations.


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