Coconut Oil Jar – Biovelle (360mg CBD)

Coconut Oil Jar – Biovelle (360mg CBD)



All of the health benefits of coconut oil combined with the medicinal value of CBD. Organic, virgin, unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil from the Philippines infused with pure CBD.

It’s nonpsychoactive, all-natural, vegan, and free of gluten, and sugar, and anything artificial.

Eat it or slather it.  The possibilities are endless. Nutritional supplement or topical balm.

12 fl oz with 360mg CBD per bottle. Individual dosages may vary. Best if used consistently.

Suggested use: Eat it raw, blend in your smoothies, coffee, or your favorite foods. Topical: can be used as a topical salve.

Additional information

CBD Level 360mg
Organic or Vegan Organic, Vegan
Vendor Biovelle Brand
Size 12 fl oz
Color Clear, liquid when warm, White, solid at room temp
Flavor Mild coconut flavor


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