Blackout Brownie (1,000mg THC) – Enjoyable Edibles

Blackout Brownie (1,000mg THC) – Enjoyable Edibles


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So when I saw that Enjoyable Edibles named their 1000mg edible BLACKOUT BROWNIE I knew I had to save that mega beast for last. They call it “a XXX twist on a classic fudge brownie”, and that is exactly what they delivered. Instead of a plain old fudge brownie, this one is drizzled in some sort of mystery white icing that unintentionally makes you lick your fingers. When you open the bag the powerful smells of dessert and ganja immediately start to creep into your nostrils, and I love how this Enjoyable Edibles brownie offers a soft center with the crust edges just like I like. This is the type of treatment that is not for the beginner or novice edible consumer. The label tells you that you can break it down into 20 doses, but without precise cutouts to tell you how big or small the piece should be, it’s very easy to see how one could eat too much and have couchlock the rest of the day. There is a slight aftertaste of cannabis as it swirls down your throat on the way to tummy land. If you are suffering from chronic pain, have a high tolerance, or just want to see if the Blackout Brownie lives up to the hype, then check out Enjoyable Edibles today

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Vendor:  Enjoyable Edibles

THC Level:  1000g


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