2-Piece Grinder – Medium

2-Piece Grinder – Medium



  • Size: 55mm
  • Durable Aluminum
  • Knurled Grip
  • Simple Usage
  • Lightweight


The 55mm Herbivore Grinder is a 2-piece metal herb grinder that ensures better vaporization. The second most discreet herb grinder from Herbivore is easy to conceal and put to use in public. The 55mm Herbivore 2-Piece Grinder is made of high-grade aluminum with sharp, durable teeth that break down dry herb to the ideal consistency for vaporization. By grinding down dry herb, the Herbivore grinder gives heat more surface area to cover, making for even and thorough vaporization. A felt pouch is included for traveling and storage.


The 2-Piece Herbivore Grinder – Medium is just the right size for grinding ample loads of dry herb while maintaining a compact build. Just place a nugget in the chamber, place the lid on top, and give it a few twists. The Medium Herbivore Grinder will break down your dry herb into finer granules, enabling your vape to more thoroughly vaporize each bowl. The ample 55mm chamber of the 2-Piece Herbivore Grinder gives you a sizable load of herb with each grinding session. The knurled lid of the Medium Herbivore Grinder gives you plenty of grip, and the high grade aluminum teeth break down dry herb with ease.


Although the Medium Herbivore grinder features a sizable herb chamber, its body is still compact and therefore ideal for traveling. This pocket-friendly herb grinder can be brought anywhere without burdening your pocket or carrying bag. Just load up, grind up, and stow away the Herbivore Medium Grinder for later. The included felt pouch makes it easy to carry the Herbivore 2-Piece Grinder with you wherever you go. This travel-friendly herb grinder is ideal for those who vape on-the-go, or those who want to grind plenty of dry herb in one session without having to carry around a large herb grinder.

  • 1 x Felt Pouch



2-Piece Grinder – Medium Additional Information

Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 in.
Weight: 0.25 lbs.


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